How To Remove Lawn Mower Blades And Sharp Easily

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We will now discuss step by step how to remove lawn mower blades and also see how to sharpen the edge in a lawnmower. All the methods below are easily presented through pictures, which will show you an initial idea.

How To Remove Lawn Mower Blades: 5 steps You Must Know

Step-1: Raise the mower set to show the blades

Remove Lawn Mower Blades

Give specific attention to the carburetor and the oil chamber, and make sure that the oil does not seize into the engine, grass, or yourself. To do this, keep a close eye on the oil section or separate the oil with a siphon hose. It means that when changing the blade, make sure that there is no fuel. Typically, siphon hose for self-use purchase it from a hardware shop, either automotive parts stores. It blocks oil spills on the mower’s frame.

Step-2: Unplug the spark plug

The spark connection must be unplugged. Whether you change the blade or clean the air filter, you need to unplug the spark for your safety. Exposure to any oil discovered near the mower of an electric flare can cause accidents. If you think you are holding the mower well, you will be wrong. So, be careful.

Step-3: Remove Lawn Mower Blades

Remove Lawn Mower

Now take a socket wrench in one hand and start removing it according to the nut’s size. Hold one end of the border with the other hand while removing. Make sure that you do not injure your hands while holding them. In this case, you can use gloves. The socket wrench has to be rotated counter-clockwise, but not in all cases, so follow the owner’s manual.

Step-4: Getting replacement edges

Remove Lawn Mower Blades

The complete kit of lawnmowers blade replacement can find at a hardware store to spend a few dollars. Most of the time, if the loan goes away or there is a problem with the segment, I would recommend changing the whole set. Also, Replace the rusted nut with the blade. Some mowers have two types of knives, and smaller ones have single edges. That’s why you must follow the manual. You should always avoid old rusty blades and try to choose new ones instead.

Step-5: Mount the current edge

 Lawn Mower Blades

Just like before, the modern edge placed in the same direction as earlier. Before that, it is necessary to check whether the length of the blade is correct or not. Then you have to follow the guidebook and put the nut. In this case, you can rotate by the socket wrench clockwise. Here are some precautions to take after wearing electrical gloves while doing the work; otherwise, your hand may be cut off by the sharp blades. Another thing to note is that the edge should not be loose connect, in which situation the machine is possible to vibrate.

The last step is to fill the gas in the chamber and check the air filter well not to stick. Then connect the spark plug and continue with start to see if there is any noise or fluctuation.

How to Sharpen Lawn Mower 

Some times the whole blade does not need to be replaced. In that case, if I sharpen the edge, I will be fine.


Warning :To Remove Lawn Mower Blades

When doing all this work, wear all kinds of needed clothes, including electrical gloves, so that your body protect from injure.

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