Foxwell NT809BT- Is This The Best Bluetooth Scanner?

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Most probably, you’re in the market for a new OBDII diagnostic tool. Many different tools on the market today will do just about anything your car needs. The scanner can be your friend, from fixing check engine lights to tracking mileage in real-time.  

And I’d like to highlight Foxwell NT809BT in my Foxwell NT809BT review. The Foxwell NT809BT is designed exclusively for and intended for people who is a professional automotive user. 

My review will examine whether the nt809bt meets your expectations of being a quality product. So let’s walk you through you what’s out there.

How To Use The Foxwell NT809BT?

The installation of this device is straightforward. All you have to do is:

  • Turn the ignition key on(make sure the car has the power source) and switch on the device. By default, it will automatically search for your car’s VIN, contact list, and phonebook. You can also manually connect to your phone or tablet through the “OBD2” mode.
  • Take the device and place it on the dashboard facing you. The button that allows control of the volume will be on the left side of the screen, and your microphone will be on the right side. There will also be a remote control button just behind. Also, there is a tiny camera at the center of your screen.
  • You may now adjust some settings to ensure your device is set up and ready for use. For example, altering volume controls if you have issues hearing anything and disconnecting from one device. The camera is a nice touch that allows installers to take a snap of the VIN. Once it has been detected, they can keep track of their target car.
  • If you still cannot see the VIN, you can use the remote control to scan for it manually. You can do it by holding your hands over your device’s microphone and, with a voice command, saying the VIN out loud.

Foxwell NT809BT- Is This The Best Bluetooth Scanner?

Foxwell NT809BT

I’m pleased with this product. Compared to other OBD2 equipment, it’s much more affordable and of better quality. I wanted more from the first product I bought from one of the major brands with a very high price. This is a good investment for your money.

This is an excellent tool if you need help with reading codes. It worked very well and came with instructions that made learning how to use the device easy. The instructions also came with everything you need in the box to diagnose your car.

It is easy to use and gave me all the information I needed to repair my car. OBD2 has always been a huge mystery for me. Besides, TM-189 has helped me a lot. Seeing what could be wrong with the car without being tied down is excellent. This tool will save you thousands of dollars in repair costs. It works like it says it does.


  • Easy to install and use.
  • Durable and suitable for long-term use.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Compact and lightweight design.
  • Supports multiple charging modes.
  • Adjustable power bank capacity.
  • Durable and shock resistant.
  • It can prevent overcharging problems.


  • The cord could be more flexible, making it hard to place the charger in a tight space.

Main Features

Here is a list of some of the key features that make this tool unique:

For transparency, please note that some of the links on this website are Amazon Associate links. This means that I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase through these links. The use of such links comes at no additional cost to you.

Auto Learn Mode 

Once you power up a vehicle for the first time, your diagnostic scan tool will automatically enter into learning mode. The device recognizes that it is connected to the computer system and can start reading the code information. This ability is only available in professional automotive tools like Foxwell NT800.

10000+ Vehicles Coverage 

This product can cover over 10,000+ vehicles on the market. We will be able to install any cars that are currently on the market at that time. There are no settings to configure, allowing professional installers to immediately start using it in their jobs without tweaking or adjusting.

LED Indicator Lights 

The charger has an 8-step innovative design with 8-function LEDs that can help guide users through the charging process. It features three bright green LEDs for +V, one bright orange-red LED for -V, and two small LEDs for 0V.

Powerful Compatibility

The charger works with all 12V devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and e-readers. Connect the device to your PC with the USB cable to increase its power level. This product is also Compatible with all major mobile phones, PSP (Playstation), Portable game consoles, and laptops.

High-Performance Android 9.0 System

The built-in Android system can deliver up to 10,000mAh of power, significantly increasing your charging speed. It also helps to prevent overcharging and automatically enters a protection mode when the battery is full.

Intelligent Response

The 4-port Smart Charger car power adapter has an 8-step intelligent response system that will quickly diagnose any problems that may occur during charging. This device is compatible with most 12V devices, including smartphones, tablets, and e-readers.

Battery Data Monitor 

The built-in battery data monitor will indicate to the user the remaining power of their smartphone or laptop. This allows you to make informed decisions about charging, keeping it in good working order, and getting the most out of your power bank.

Multi-Functional Design

Your 4-port Smart Charger works with all 12V devices and comes with an extended 3-meter cable, a car charger, and a USB charging cable. It is compatible with all standard smartphones, tablets, and e-readers. This product is also Compatible with all major mobile phones, PSP (Playstation), Portable game consoles, and laptops.

Throttle Adjustment

Built-in the extended charging port, you can adjust the maximum current up to 2.0A per 1 port, perfectly fitting your device and fast charging. The unit comes with a 3-year warranty, which means you can use this product for up to three years without paying the regular price.

Injector Coding

The car charger can inject the right code into your phone automatically. This car charger can detect your phone. Because it is equipped with an advanced smart chip. It will also adjust its current output current automatically according to your device’s requirements.

Erase Battery Data

Thanks to the LED indicator on your phone, you will know when your battery is in a fully charged state. This does away with guessing when your device is ultimately charged and ready to be used. Your smart charger auto shuts down and stops charging once it detects the battery has reached full charge.

One-Click Share or Print Health Report

The charger has a USB interface that can be connected to your computer or laptop. When connected, it will immediately transmit its health report, which includes the details of its current capacity, voltage, and other information. 

33ft Wireless Diagnosis 

This charger comes with a built-in wireless receiver and joystick. This allows you to easily connect the charger to a PC or laptop, making it possible to diagnose and repair any faults.

Advanced Features

In this section, I will examine the NT809BT’s features to decide whether to buy this product.

Auto Vin&Scan

The nt809bt can automatically scan for the VIN and immediately display it on the screen. This is an excellent feature for installers as they can instantly detect their target car’s VIN without manually entering it. It also comes with a small microphone which benefits incoming calls from contacts who may be listening in. 

Bi-Directional Control

The bi-directional control allows the NT809BT to control the volume and answer and reject incoming calls. This is achieved by pressing a button on the device. You can also place your fingers over the microphone, and with a voice command, you can answer.

Remote Control

It has a remote control feature that allows installers to control their car’s functions without getting inside the vehicle. This helps them reduce the risk of exposure to any potential injury. Also, they can keep track of their targets and disregard other cars that may be going through the same area where they are working on a given time.

Electronic Parking Brake 

This device is designed for ease of use. With the electronic parking brake, installers no longer have to manually engage the parking brake on the car for it to be parked. This can save them from getting damaged by their wheels and devices as they work on tricky corners or areas, which may cause them to damage their car or others accidentally. 

Safe and Smooth Brake Functionality

The Foxwell NT809BT has highly advanced technology that makes it safe and smooth while braking, which professional installers always look for when making purchases.

TPMS Reset

The TPMS reset capability is an excellent addition to this device as it can re-calibrate the tire pressure sensors in cars with this feature. This is an outstanding feature for professional installers who will be sourcing for customers who may still need to re-calibrate their TPMS sensors after having new wheels put in.

DPF Regeneration

It has also designed to regenerate the DPF sensor automatically, which helps detect the degradation of the battery’s condition. It helps prevent shoddy quality even if someone needs to remember to do it instead of having a professional do it for them.

Oil Light Reset

The oil light reset is another excellent feature for brake installers. It records the malfunctioned response of the oil lamp so that it can be reset properly. This is something that professional installers will always look. Because they are not willing to take any risks when it comes to their customers’ safety.

Crankshaft Or Camshaft Re-learn

The crankshaft or camshaft re-learn is another advanced feature that professional installers will look for when buying a vehicle’s accessory. Its purpose is to perform a device that automatically learns the timing of the camshaft and crankshaft on cars and trucks with automatic transmissions. This is an excellent feature if you need to install a new camshaft or crankshaft. Because it lets you quickly learn your target vehicle’s timing without getting your hands dirty.

Steering Angle Reset

The very advanced Sas Reset function is designed to reset a vehicle’s steering angle after replacing the steering column or wheels. This helps avoid any harmful errors to a car’s computer system due to shoddy quality.

Comparison Between Foxwell NT809BT Scan Tool And Foxwell NT809 Scan Tool

For transparency, please note that some of the links on this website are Amazon Associate links. This means that I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase through these links. The use of such links comes at no additional cost to you.


Is it worth buying an OBD2 Scanner?

An OBD SCANNER can significantly help a car owner save time and money by preventing unnecessary car repairs. The device plugs into the OBD port and acts as though an error occurs to show what was wrong with the device. A small investment in an OBD scanner will pay big dividends.

Is the Foxwell NT809 bidirectional?

Yes, the Foxwell NT809 diagnostic scanner is a bidirectional tool. It can send and receive information from a vehicle’s systems, allowing it to perform advanced functions such as actuation tests, coding, programming, and more.

Can a Foxwell scanner program keys?

It depends on the specific model of Foxwell scanner you have. Some Foxwell scanners, such as the NT650 Elite and NT680 Pro, have key programming capabilities for specific makes and models of vehicles. However, not all Foxwell scanners have this feature, so it’s essential to check the specific qualifications of your model to determine if it can program keys.

Can you control a car with OBD2?

You can use OBDII functions to control the car, but the car’s model may affect how you can do this. Particular universal programmable diagnostic interface (PID) commands are not supported on specific car models. You can control the car by sniffing the data and picking the correct command.

Can I use my phone as an OBD scanner?

To print using a Foxwell scanner, connect it to a computer using a USB cable, transfer the data to the computer, open the software/program that came with the scanner, select the option to print the desired data, set print options, and click “Print” to begin printing.

How do I download Foxwell software?

To download Foxwell software:

  • Go to the Foxwell website and click the “Support” or “Download” section.
  • Choose your specific scan tool model and click on it to find the software or firmware update files.
  • Download the appropriate file, transfer it to the scanner, and follow the instructions to complete the update.

Does the Foxwell NT510 Elite work on all cars?

The Foxwell NT510 Elite diagnostic scanner is designed to work with a wide range of vehicle makes and models, but it does not work on all cars. Its compatibility depends on the software that is loaded onto the device, and a list of supported makes and models is available on Foxwell’s website.

Final Words

The Foxwell NT809BT is a valuable device for professional installers looking to purchase performance brake products for their customers. I have already explained it in my Foxwell NT809BT.

It will be more efficient and effective as it offers extra features that other products do not have. This is the best choice if you’re looking for peace of mind on your job.

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